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Living With Bipolar Disorder

An Interview with Megan Bryant

by Andie Conn


AC:  I was so excited when today’s guest, Megan Bryant, contacted me about sharing her story on Bravely. Megan is a 23 year old who plans to graduate from college this May. She just started student teaching in a first grade classroom and says that it’s going great so far! After graduation, Megan says there is “sort of a plan” but knows that the future depends on when and where she acquires a teaching job. Megan has some really great stuff to share, so settle down with a warm beverage and have a read.

AC:  Who is your hero?

This may sound corny, but honestly my family, especially my parents are my heroes.  My parents have put up with so much from me throughout the years, especially with my diagnoses. Many people don’t think about it, but having a child that struggles with mental illness is just as hard on that child as it is on the parents. I am so lucky because my parents love me unconditionally; they just want the absolute best for me, and I love them even more for it, even when I don’t always show it.


AC:  Tell me more about your struggle with mental illness.

I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was in first grade. I am still diagnosed with ADHD; I never really “outgrew” it, but I no longer take medication to treat it.

I was diagnosed with having Generalized Anxiety Disorder when I was in fifth grade. My dad was actually in the Navy and out at sea when I had my first anxiety attack. I remember it scaring not only me but my mom as well! I took anxiety medication for a long time, but it has kind of been a back and forth of being on and off anxiety medications. I am currently on them right now and have been for about three years. I have only had one other anxiety attack since the first one, and thankfully my R.D. (Miranda, who has a background in social work) knew what was going on and drove me to the hospital to get it under control.

I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and depression in middle school. I think the hardest of all my diagnoses to live with, or the one that affects me the most on a daily basis, is the depression and Bipolar disorder.


Read the full interview at by following the link.


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