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Meet the Grief, Loss, Hope TEAM!

Our purpose is to give hope and encouragement through real life stories to those who are experiencing grief and loss. We are committed to providing Christian based stories, resources, and recommendations to help people make positive steps and move forward in their journey.        -GLH Team

Debra Edge, MS

M.S Special Education Director

Diploma in Christian Life Coaching

Founder, Grief Loss Hope website​!  

Debbie retired after 33 years in education, 17 of those were as the Director of Special Services at the Exceptional Pupil Cooperative in Bolivar, MO, and two years were as Assistant Director.  She was also Director of the Tri-Lakes Cooperative in MO for 5 years. Prior to that, she spent 10 years  as a special education teacher of students with learning disabilities and speech/language disorders.  

Debbie is now a grandmother to five great kids, a mom, and a daughter.  Since she has been divorced, widowed, and has also lost numerous relatives and friends, she has a passion for working with those experiencing grief and loss.  


At the present time she is co-leader for a single women's life group at church.  Debbie has been a co-facilitator for Grief Share groups at church,  and was a trained lay-leader for Living Free classes. Debbie has a diploma in Christian Life Coaching, is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors,  and participates in several volunteer activities.

Debra Edge

"May He give you what your heart desires and fulfill your whole purpose."

(Psalm 20:4, HCSB)

        Cindy Williams

May your life abound with all you hope for and may you fulfill all your life's dreams, one day at a time.  CW




Cindy Williams  

Certified Life Coach

Grief Loss Hope Website Associate

Guest Author

Cindy is certified in Life Coaching at Light University School of Professional Coaching and is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors.  It is because of the life experiences she has lived that  she decided to become a Life Coach and serve on the GLH Team of this website on grief, loss, and hope.


Cindy have worked very hard to inch herself up and out of poverty. In 32 years of marriage, and in the raising of  two children into adulthood, she has learned a lot about relationships. While working in Human Services and Management, she has learned to love and appreciate the beauty of each soul.  In moving through the biological stages of a woman’s life, she has learned balance, peace, and renewal.  During the hard times, Cindy has learned to run to God, not from God.


Cindy's dad was an alcoholic so she feels like she lost much of her childhood.  She watched her Dad die of lung cancer five years ago. Her youngest child just graduated from high school so she is in the throes of empty nest syndrome at the present. She shares the complete stories of these losses on this web site.



"If one person is helped by this website, all the work will be worth it."  Mike 

"Knowing you have walked this way and are making a life is an encouragement to me." Carolyn

"It is healing to be able to share my journey and know someone is interested in mine and my son's story."  Gloria

"What you are doing with this website is going to help a lot of people. " Kerry

"It was hard for me to write my story and be so transparent.  But it was soooo good for me and I was blessed through this experience."  Lori


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Kyle, Cindy, Shannon, Beth, Doris, Sarah, Linda, Donna, Rebecca, Robin, Kathi, Andie, Susie, Mike, Gloria, Tessa, Lynn, Carla, Kerry, Lori, Karen, Megan, James, Sami, Jeff, Cady.

Thank you to my son, Kyle, who set up this website and who continues to teach me something new every day. This ministry would not have been possible without his assistance.


Thank you to Cindy for her endless encouragement to keep going with this project.


A special  thank you goes to the many friends and family members  who have supported us by praying, giving suggestions, proofing, sharing photography and writing articles.  I'm praying for special blessings for all of you who are a part of this endeavor!

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