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for Journaling

By Debbie Edge

Journaling or writing is therapeutic and is a good way to get emotions out without acting them out.  These questions are starters for dealing with a loss through death.  Here are some examples that hopefully will be helpful to you:


Write down all the emotions you have in response to your loss.


Make a list of decisions that need made and prioritize them by the week or day, whichever you can handle at this point.


Have ideas or a list ready when people ask what they can do to help you.


Do you find yourself feeling angry at yourself, your loved one, and or at God?  Describe those feelings in writing or write a letter.


As a Christian, do you feel like people expect you to pull it together and act like you are OK?


Are you able to carry out normal activities and if not, what can you handle today?


Are your sleep and eating habits poor and what are you doing to help those areas?


What physical symptoms are you having and what can you do about them?


What steps are you taking to move forward?


When you look back on your life what are some areas that it was so obvious God was taking care of you and that gives you hope for your future.


Are you asking “why” all the time and if so, how can you change that question to “what”?

Examples:  What do I do next?  What good can come out of this crisis?  What can I do with my grief in order to help someone else?


What do I do about holidays, birthdays, etc?  How can I plan ahead to make them easier? 


What is the difference in recovery and rehab?


Who am I comfortable talking to when it seems that everyone else has moved past the pain?


Makes notes, chart, list, or journal how you feel emotionally, physically, spiritually, relationally so that you can tell if you are making progress.


Who am I feeling angry at or jealous of, why, and how do I work through those emotions.


Write a grief letter to explain my feelings to my family and what they can do to help me through it.


What answers do I need about Heaven and death?


Who do I need to forgive in my past & why is that important for me to move forward?


Am I doing a lot of negative self-talk which is harmful to me?  What are those statements and how can I change them?


Write a letter to your loved one.


What does God say about me?


Make a daily list of things you are grateful for.


What verses can I memorize that will help me get through each day?


How can I trust that God is good, does not do bad things, and is walking through this journey with me?  What examples or evidence has He shown me?


Who am I now?  Roles, personality strengths, spiritual gifts, talents.


Write your story.


How can I use my experiences to help others?

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